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Tie Breaker Criteria for Dual Meets

In dual-meet competition, if teams have identical scores, the following team tie-breaking system shall be used to determine the winner.
1. Least number of team points deducted for flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct.
2. Greater number of matches won.
3. Greater number of points for fall, defaults, forfeits or disqualifications.
4. Greater number of points for technical falls.
5. Greater number of points for major decisions.
6. Greater number of first-points scored.
7. Greater number of points for near-falls.
8. Greater number of takedowns.
9. Greater number of reversals.
10. Greater number of escapes.
11. Fewer penalties for stalling.
12. Fewer stall warnings.
13. Fewer number of points for other infractions.
14. Flip of a disk.


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